NN Kids runs

Saturday April 12th

During the NN Kids Runs you can choose from 1 km or 2.5 km and run on part of the real course of the NN Marathon Rotterdam. The start and finish is on the Coolsingel, where you will be cheered on by thousands of spectators. You walk together with children your age.

If you register via the Dutch Cancer Society and raise 750 euros or more, you will be rewarded with a free bib number and the unique Run against cancer-shirt. 

You can also participate with your school or association!

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Course NN Kids Runs


1 km & 2,5 KM

The start of the NN Kids Runs is on the Coolsingel, near the WTC where the Marathon Sport Expo is located. From here the route runs towards Leuvehaven to the Erasmus Bridge and from there returns to the famous Coolsingel. The finish is in front of the City Hall, under which you runs through the same finishing arch as the marathon runners. A well-deserved medal is also waiting for you here!

In which NN Kids Run will you participate?

NN Kids run 1 km

Anyone between the ages of 6 and 10 can participate in the NN Kids Run 1 km. You start in a wave with other children of your age.

It is possible to participate in this competition as a parent or supervisor. You can order a coach number for this when registering the child. As a coach you do not receive a medal.

NN Kids run 2,5 km

You can participate in the NN Kids Run 2.5 km if you are between 7 and 15 years old on the day of the event. You start in a wave with other children of your age.

run against cancer

Purchase your bib number via NN Marathon Rotterdam and create a campaign page at KWF. With your own Run Against Cancer campaign page, fundraising is easier than you think. Every euro counts! Will you raise 500 euro or more? Then you will receive the unique Run Against Cancer shirt. Of course, KWF supports you in collecting donations, with tips, tricks and great examples of activists who came before you.


The gro-up corner is located on the Coolsingel opposite the City Hall, where we organize various fun and surprising activities. All children, young people and parents are welcome!

Your child lost? Come to the gro-up corner
If you lose sight of each other on the Coolsingel, you can contact us. We provide care for lost child(ren) during the NN Kids Run.

The start and finish of the NN Kids Runs is on the Coolsingel.

The NN Kids Runs 1 km starts in waves A to E and the NN Kids Runs 2.5 km in A and B. Use the entrance to the starting area (shown on the bib number) as indicated on the map. The letter corresponds to the signs at the start. Make sure you are in the starting area at least 15 minutes in advance.

After the finish, we ask you to continue walking to where you will receive your medal and drinks.

The exits after the finish of the NN Kids runs are divided into 4 colors and shapes that correspond to the colors on the bib numbers and wristbands. Parents and supervisors can wait for the children at the correct exit.