Your Marathon Challenge

Saturday April 12th

Do you, like one of the many thousands of runners, want to finish on the Coolsingel, but is it not (yet) feasible for you to do this while running? This is your opportunity to finish on the heroic Coolsingel. Before the marathon weekend, complete 41 km together with your fellow citizens. Complete the last 1,195 km together on Saturday April 12 and complete your own marathon.

How to participate?
Get moving yourself with the Your Marathon Challenge. In the period leading up to the NN Marathon Rotterdam, complete 41 kilometers per person with your neighbors, friends or family. How and when you walk the 41 km together is completely up to you. Walk to the supermarket instead of by car and be creative! Collect your kilometers in the run-up to the Your Marathon Challenge. You can keep track of your kilometers with the stamp card.

Are you curious about which walking groups there are in Rotterdam that you can walk with? Comtact Sportregie.

Included with your registration

Extra to order


1.195 km

Check the course

The start of the Your Marathon Challenge is on the Coolsingel, near the WTC where the Marathon Sport Expo is located. From here the route runs towards Leuvehaven to the Erasmus Bridge and from there returns to the famous Coolsingel. The finish is in front of the City Hall, under which you runs through the same finishing arch as the marathon runners. A well-deserved medal is also waiting for you here!

Together we will make it a day to remember!

The Your Marathon Challenge is a true spectacle every year! 


  • Register individually for a small contribution;
  • Before April 12, you will do your best to walk 41 kilometers together (together with your neighbors), and you will complete the last 1,195 km during the event;
  • You may use aids such as a wheelchair, handbike, mobility scooter, etc. to complete the course;
  • There is no timekeeping, it is not a competition or race;
  • Everyone can participate, there is no minimum age;
  • Speed ​​limit of max. 15 km / hour.

Stamp card
Do you want to track the completed kilometers? Use this stamp card.

Download the stamp card and print it. This way you can cross off the completed kilometers every time you get moving.

walk against cancer

Walk against cancer during the Your Marathon Challenge, and contribute directly to a better life for people affected by cancer.

Will you be able to raise 500 euros or more before April 1? Then KWF will reward you with a free Walk Against Cancer shirt. This way you can walk in style in Rotterdam. All amounts are welcome and KWF appreciates everyone who contributes.