The success of your race lies in good preparation and structure of your running. You build up your training step by step, both in training intensity and in duration and number. Don’t know where to start or need some help? Below you will find more information about various training runs and a training course for both the marathon and the quarter. Optimal preparation during your marathon weekend!

road2rotterdam trainings runs

In the run-up to the NN Marathon Rotterdam training runs are organized throughout the Netherlands. The Road2Rotterdam Trainingruns will take place in multiple regions.. The purpose of the training runs is to optimally prepare you for the more than 42 kilometers of the marathon . In addition, the training runs give you the opportunity to run the necessary long endurance runs together.

Data training runs

The Road2Rotterdam Training Runs program consists of a series of four training runs over 20, 25, 30 and 35 km, which take place on Saturday and/or Sunday respectively in the months of January, February and March 2024.

You can join a group led by experienced and easily recognizable pacers. The starting point is the five kilometer times, which start at 22:30 minutes (4:30 min/km) and then increase to 32:30 minutes (6:30 min/km).

You can join a pace group that comes closest to your desired personal marathon target time. It is common to run your training runs at a slower pace than your personal marathon target time. You are expected to be able to reach the level of the last group (6.30 per km). The pacers also act as a source of information and point of contact.

Water and sports drinks are available at every 5 km point and tea and a banana at the finish, just like at the NN Marathon Rotterdam.

You can register for the Road2Rotterdam Training Runs in the registration form or via your personal dashboard (with the link in the confirmation email). From December 19, it is only possible to participate via late registration at the relevant location on the morning of the training run. The costs of the training run depend on the association, but will cost from 5 euros per training (pay in cash). N.B. During the first training run it is also possible to register for all dates at once.

pac Training course 1/4 marathon

Do you need extra support for the 1/4 marathon?
You can run for 30 minutes in a row, but you notice that you just can’t get the finishing touches done on your own. Do you also want extra support to achieve your end goal? In the run-up to the 1/4 marathon, we organize a training course together with athletics club PAC Rotterdam to help you with this.

The course is held on Saturday mornings. The course starts in January.