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On April 12and 13, the city breathes running during the 44th edition of the NN Marathon Rotterdam. The NN Marathon Rotterdam is, partly due to the flat course, one of the fastest marathons in the world and one of the most visited marathons worldwide.

But what makes it so special is that the hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic spectators along the course ensure a true running festival. They cheer, clapp and motivate. They make sure that no other marathon in the Netherlands can match the atmosphere of the NN Marathon Rotterdam. Nothing feels better than that one moment when you, after all those meters you’ve covered, cross the finish line. Be proud of yourself, believe in what you do and show Rotterdam what your strength is. We’ll see you at the start!






10.00 – 20.00 hr

Marathon Sport Expo (pick up starting numbers and t-shirts)

Postillion Convention Centre WTC Rotterdam

The program will follow soon.

The program will follow soon.

Bib numbers

Bib numbers
Participants in the marathon distance and the other distances will receive one bib number with a tag for time registration (wear it clearly visible on the chest). 

You will receive safety pins from us. Make sure you don’t wear anything over your tag, otherwise time registration will not work properly. Like a bag, vest or when you cross the finish line with your child, etc. Make sure your bib number with tag is always visible.

Complete the medical passport
You are urgently requested to complete the medical passport on the back of the bib number for your own safety. You must wear your bib number on your chest. The bib number is personal and non-transferable. In the event of an emergency, your bib number serves as a medical passport.

Participants can collect their bib number on Friday 11, Saturday 12 or Sunday 13 April 2025 at the Marathon Sport Expo in the WTC building upon presentation of your e-ticket. The e-tickets will be sent one week prior to the event weekend. If you register no later than March 16, your first name will be on your bib number.

Participants in the NN Kids Runs with a Dutch address will receive the bib number at home if registered before March 16.

Participants with an address abroad can collect their starting number on Friday 11, Saturday 12 or Sunday 13 April 2025 in the WTC building upon presentation of your  e-ticket. The e-tickets will be sent one week prior to the event weekend. If you  register no later than March 16, your first name will be on your bib number.

The bib numbers of the schools and companies will be sent to the contact person the week prior to the NN Marathon Rotterdam. If you register no later than March 16, your first name will be on your bib number. Schools and companies that register or register additional participants after this date can collect these bib numbers during the Marathon Sport Expo in the WTC building.

Business Duo teams and Business Relay teams will receive their Business package by post if registered no later than March 16. 

The  Business package contains the starting numbers of the teams. The starting number has a text box on the inside in which general and medical information can be stated. These bib numbers do not  have a Bib-Tag. Along with these starting numbers, you will also receive a bib number band with an exchange starting number to which a Bib tag is attached. You attach the EXCHANGE bib number to this starting number band. This band including bib number is the exchange item. This gives each runner a time in the results.

Start waves

Specify expected finish time
The layout of the starting waves for the components is determined based on your specified expected finish time in the registration form. Due to the production of the starting numbers, it is possible to enter your expected finishing time up to and including February 28. After this, all participants are automatically assigned to the last start wave. Please note: changing the start wave is then no longer possible. Due to the production of the bib numbers, it is possible to enter your expected finishing time up to and including February 28.

In the run-up to the event, we will share the layout of the starting areas.

In the run-up to the event, we will share the layout of the starting areas.

In the run-up to the event, we will share the layout of the starting areas.

Frequently asked questions


The general terms and conditions for individual participation: NLEN

The general terms and conditions for groups and companies: NL EN

Can I cancel my registration?
Canceling your registration is only possible until February 28, 2025 and if you purchased a cancellation policy when registering. The cancellation insurance can only be used for the NN Marathon Rotterdam. For the marathon distance it is not possible to convert it to another distance later. Contact the organization to make use of your cancellation policy.

I have not received a confirmation email, what to do?
After you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email. So make sure that your email address has been entered correctly. Also check your spam box if you have not received the email within 30 minutes. If it is not there either, please contact us.

Do I receive a finish certificate?
Every finisher on Sunday will receive a personal finish certificate which can be downloaded. You will receive the link for this after the event by e-mail. 

Will finish photos be taken?
Marathon Photos  takes photos at various places along the course and of course at the finish, which you can find afterwards on your personal results page. Make sure your bib number is clearly visible and smile at the camera. You will receive the link to the photos by email after the event. 

Will there be a half marathon?
No, there is no half marathon for individual participants. Do you still want to run a half marathon? Then register with a colleague for the Business Duo Marathon.

How to invite team members
After registering your company, school or group, you must invite all team members. Please follow these steps:

1. Go to your dashboard throughout the link in your confirmation mail.

2. Click on “manage my teammembers”.

3. Invite a teammember by typing the e-mailaddress and click on send. The participant will receive the invite per mail.

4. Through the link the participant will fill in the registrationform. The participant don’t need to pay for this. They can choose extra options like a t-shirt or medal engravement. They need to pay for it at the end of the process.

5. The registration will appear in the dashboard of the groupleader as registrated. This allows the contact to keep track of how many places are completed, invited, and open.

Can I change my registration?
You can change your registration via your dashboard. You can change compaetitions there, add products and adjust data.

Can I change my distance?
You can change the distance until April 11 by logging in to your dashboard, provided the desired distance is not yet sold out. You can change to a higher distance provided that the difference in price is paid. If you change to a lower distance, the registration fee (or part ) will not be refunded. If you change the distance after March 16th, you will start with the bib number of your original competition.

Steps to take:

  • Log in on your dashboard. The link is in the confirmation email;
  • Click on ”change race”;
  • Choose the competition you want to run and click ‘continue’.
  • If you have chosen a higher distance and there is a price difference, you must pay the amount due by clicking on ”checkout”.

What are the minimum ages to participate?
For age limits, the age on the day of the event applies.

  • NN Marathon Rotterdam: 18 years old
  • 1/4 Marathon Rotterdam: 14 years old
  • City Run Rotterdam: 12 years old
  • NN Kids Run 2,5 km: 7-15 years old
  • NN Kids Run 1 km: 6-10 years old
  • Business Duo Marathon: 18 years old
  • Business Relay Marathon: 14 years old
  • Your Marathon Challenge: no minimum age
  • The Marathon Rotterdam Walk: no minimum age

How can I register for the Pasta Party?
The Pasta party will take place on Saturday April 12 in the Postillion Convention Center WTC. Here you can enjoy a delicious unlimited pasta buffet. You can order tickets when you register.

If you are registered, but have not ordered tickets, please come to the helpdesk at the Marathon Sport Expo. Tickets are still sold on site while supplies last. It is possible to pay by card.

When does registration close?
You can register (digitally) up to the day prior to the relevant distance, provided it is not sold out.

Is there a waiting list for sold out distances?
Registration for a competition closes as soon as all bib numbers for this distance are sold out. A waiting list will be opened for the marathon distance if this distance is sold out. The waiting list does not guarantee that more bib numbers will become available.

Can I transfer my bib number?
We offer all individually registered participants the opportunity to transfer their bib number (including any additional purchased products) to someone else. You can transfer your starting number to someone else by logging into your dashboard and following the steps. Transferring your bib number is possible until April 12.

If you transfer your bib number after February 28, you can no longer adjust the starting wave, expected end time and clothing size. In case of a transfer after March 16 your name will not be visible on the bib number, because it has already been printed. The name of the original participant will be on the bib number. Your name does appear correctly in the results. €5 administration costs are charged for transferring the bib number, which must be paid by the buyer of the bib number in order to register the bib number.

PLEASE NOTE: If you took over the bib number from someone after March 16, you must mutually forward the link for the e-ticket to the new owner.

All information about participating as a fast runner at the NN Marathon Rotterdam can be found here.

View all information about the Super Marathon Masters here.

View the competition regulations for the NN Marathon Rotterdam 2025 here.

The NN Marathon Rotterdam has been awarded the World Athletics Road Race Gold Label in 2024. This is an award from the International Athletics Federation.

event info

Is there an app?
An app will be updated in the run-up to the event. In this app:

  • Can your friends/family follow you via the live-tracking function (we will update the full list of participants shortly before the event);
  • Can you find all important information and receive event updates;
  • Can you take selfies with our selfie filters.

Download the NN Marathon Rotterdam app:

  • Download the free app for Android here
  • Download the free app for iOS here

How do I travel to the event?
We advise participants and spectators to travel by public transport or bicycle as much as possible. Please note that many roads are closed and the city is very busy. Click here for all travel info.

Do I receive a finish certificate?
Each finisher receives a personal finish certificate which can be downloaded via Marathon-Photos. You will receive the link for this after the event by e-mail.

Are personal photos taken?
Marathon Photos takes photos at various places along the course and of course at the finish, which you can find afterwards on your personal results page. Make sure your bib number is clearly visible and smile at the camera. You will receive the link to the photos by email after the event.

What happens to found objects?
Lost property is collected at the bag drop. Please contact us if your belongings are not here either. After the event we have a overview of all found objects.

Is there a changing facility and bag drop-off?
There will be no changing facilities or bag drop-off on Saturday, April 12. On Sunday April 13, changing facilities and bag delivery are only available to participants of the NN Marathon Rotterdam who have checked this on the registration form (€4.50).

Changing facilities
The bib number shows the changing facilities icon that gives you access to the changing facilities. You will not be granted access without a bib number with this icon. Supporters are also not given access to the changing facilities.

The changing facilities for ladies and gentlemen are located in De Doelen via the entrance on Kruisplein (open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Leaving items in the changing facilities is not permitted, they will be removed.

There are no showers in the changing facilities.

Bag drop
The bag drop (open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) is located in tents on Schouwburgplein. You can leave your bag (without valuables) here at your own risk. Please note: the maximum dimensions for bags are 30 (l) x 20 (w) x 50 (h).

Please note: If you have opted for bag drop-off during the NN Marathon Rotterdam, you will automatically purchase additional changing facilities.

Will I get a medal?
All participants will receive a medal after crossing the finish line as a reminder of the event. Furthermore, participants can have this medal engraved with their name and finishing time.

Participants in The Marathon Rotterdam Walk receive a walking pin.

Can I have my medal engraved?
All participants can have their medal engraved immediately afterwards. You can order ”medal engraving” for this in the registration form. If you did not do this immediately when you registered, you can add this until March 16 by logging in to your dashboard. You can also decide to engrave your medal during the event.

During the marathon weekend you can have your medal engraved at the following locations:

  • Saturday: at the finish on the Stadhuisplein side
  • Sunday: Schouwburgplein

Will there be pacers?
Yes, in collaboration with the NN Marathon Rotterdam, the Nationale-Nederlanden Pacing Team will be present again at the next edition to help runners to their desired dream time on the marathon distance. Click here for all information.

Is there an award ceremony
There are cash prizes to be won at the NN Marathon Rotterdam for the three men and women from category M35 and higher. There are no age categories for the City Run and the 1/4 Marathon, only a division into men and women. Prizes can be won at these distances.

Please note: the gun time is the official time. Every participant who reaches the finish line within the time limit receives a medal.

Can I take my backpack or camel bag into the start area?
We advise you to come to the start in running clothes. It is not permitted to take bags/backpacks into the start area (with the exception of camel bags) or to leave them unattended around the event site or course. Anything left unattended will be removed and discarded for safety reasons.

What are the time limits?
In connection with the program and the timely release of the route, we apply the following time limits.

  • NN Marathon Rotterdam: 5 hours and 30 minutes (21.1 km within 2h45, you must cross the Erasmus Bridge towards the center at 2.15pm at the latest, 28 km within 3h40)
  • 1/4 Marathon Rotterdam: 1 hour and 20 minutes (6 km within 50 minutes, 9 km within 1 hour and 10 minutes)
  • City Run Rotterdam: 45 minutes

The time starts when the last runner crosses the starting line.

Participants who cross the finish line after the deadline will no longer be included in the race results and will not receive a medal.

The following time limits apply to The Marathon Rotterdam Walk:

  • 15 km: maximum 5 hours
  • 10 km: maximum 3,5 hours
  • 5 km: maximum 2 hours

The time starts when the last runner crosses the starting line.

The time table for the marathon distance is:

first runner last runner
Distance Street wave 1 wave 5
Start Schiedamsedijk 10:00:00 10:36:00
Kilometer 1 Laan op zuid 10:02:56 10:44:18
Kilometer 2 Laan op zuid 10:05:53 10:52:35
Kilometer 3 Stadionweg 10:08:49 11:00:53
Kilometer 4 Stadionweg 10:11:45 11:09:11
Kilometer 5 Adriaan Volkerlaan 10:14:42 11:17:28
Kilometer 6 Olympiaweg 10:17:38 11:25:46
Kilometer 7 Smeetslandseweg 10:20:34 11:34:04
Kilometer 8 Spinozaweg 10:23:31 11:42:22
Kilometer 9 Havenspoorpad 10:26:27 11:50:39
Kilometer 10 Havenspoorpad 10:29:23 11:58:57
Kilometer 11 Havenspoorpad 10:32:20 12:07:15
Kilometer 12 Havenspoorpad 10:35:16 12:15:32
Kilometer 13 Zuiderparkweg 10:38:12 12:23:50
Kilometer 14 Slinge 10:41:09 12:32:08
Kilometer 15 Slinge 10:44:05 12:40:25
Kilometer 16 Oldegaarde 10:47:01 12:48:43
Kilometer 17 Oldegaarde 10:49:58 12:57:01
Kilometer 18 Vaanweg 10:52:54 13:05:18
Kilometer 19 Zuiderparkweg 10:55:50 13:13:36
Kilometer 20 Oldegaarde 10:58:46 13:21:54
Kilometer 21 Dorpsweg 11:01:43 13:30:11
Kilometer 22 Brielselaan 11:04:39 13:38:29
Kilometer 23 Brielselaan 11:07:35 13:46:47
Kilometer 24 Putselaan 11:10:32 13:55:05
Kilometer 25 Laan op zuid 11:13:28 14:03:22
Kilometer 26 Laan op zuid 11:16:24 14:11:40
Kilometer 27 Erasmusbrug 11:19:21 14:19:58
Kilometer 28 Westblaak 11:22:17 14:28:15
Kilometer 29 Overblaak 11:25:13 14:36:33
Kilometer 30 Warande 11:28:10 14:44:51
Kilometer 31 Boezemstraat 11:31:06 14:53:08
Kilometer 32 Bosdreef 11:34:02 15:01:26
Kilometer 33 Bosdreef 11:36:59 15:09:44
Kilometer 34 Boszoom 11:39:55 15:18:01
Kilometer 35 Boszoom 11:42:51 15:26:19
Kilometer 36 Kralingseweg 11:45:48 15:34:37
Kilometer 37 Kralingse Plaslaan 11:48:44 15:42:55
Kilometer 38 Kralingse Plaslaan 11:51:40 15:51:12
Kilometer 39 Boezemstraat 11:54:37 15:59:30
Kilometer 40 Warande 11:57:33 16:07:48
Kilometer 41 Overblaak 12:00:29 16:16:05
Kilometer 42 Coolsingel 12:03:26 16:24:23
Coolsingel Coolsingel 12:04:00 16:26:00

Is there time registration?
Bij de NN Marathon, 1/4 Marathon, City Run en NN Kids Runs zal de MYLAPS BibTag worden gebruikt voor het registreren van tijd. There is an electronic chip (Tag) and a plastic spacer on the back of your starting number (Bib). BibTag makes registering your times very easy, all you have to do is wear your starting number correctly.

Information to ensure good time registration:

  • Wear your starting number visibly on your chest. Do not cover the bib number with a jacket or with your hands while passing the mats at the start and finish line. These mats receive the signal from your BibTag (also pay attention to pressing your own stopwatch on the start and finish line).
  • Do not fold or wrinkle the bib number. Certainly not where the Tag is.
  • Use four pins on the corners of the starting number, do not pierce the Tag.
  • Do not remove the plastic spacer.
  • The BibTag works based on a different technology than the MYLAPS ChampionChip. That is why you cannot use your yellow or green MYLAPS ChampionChip during this event. However, you can simply leave your MYLAPS ChampionChip on your shoe, as it will not interfere with the BibTag system.

The Tags do not have to be taken back after the race, you can keep the bib number (with Tag) as a souvenir or throw it away with the normal waste (plastic).

What is the official time?
The gun time is the official time. This starts when the starting shot is given and stops when you cross the finish line. The net time is the time that starts when you cross the mat on the starting line and stops when you cross the finish line. The net time/chip time is stated as an extra service.

Where are the toilets located?
Toilets can be found at the changing facilities, the start, the finish, every 2.5 km along the course and at the change points of the Business Runs.

Where can I find my results?
The results will be published on our website afterwards. You will also receive the link to the results page by email after the event. Please note: the gun time is the official time. Do you have a question or comment about your result? Send an email to Mylaps Event Timing stating: your starting number and any times you have clocked yourself.

Which aid stations are there along the course?

NN Marathon Rotterdam
During the NN Marathon Rotterdam, aid stations with water and AA Drink-Iso Lemon (Isotonic sports drink) (both in cups) will be set up (5 km, 10 km, 15 km, 20 km, 25 km, 30 km, 35 km and 40 km ). Tea is available at 25km and 35km. Bananas are provided at 20 km. In addition, sponge stations are provided (12.5 km, 17.5 km, 22.5 km, 27.5 km, 32.5 km and 37.5 km). Immediately after the finish, water, AA Drink Smart recovery and tea are also available. You can also find bananas at the finish. We advise all runners to use the aid stations as you are used to during your preparation.

1/4 Marathon Rotterdam

During the 1/4 Marathon Rotterdam, an aid station with water and AA Drink-Iso Lemon (Isotone sports drink) will be set up at the 5 km point. Water, AA Drink-Iso Lemon and bananas are also available immediately after the finish.

City Run Rotterdam and NN Kids Runs
Immediately after the finish, each participant receives a cup of water and a bottle of AA Drink-Iso Lemon.

Run responsibly
Failure to replenish fluid loss due to sweating during endurance sports can lead to a decrease in performance. Inadequate drinking can eventually lead to medical problems. Many athletes don’t seem to know that not only drinking too little but also too much can endanger their health. Maintaining proper levels of fluids and salts in the body is extremely important.

When you go on the road as an athlete, the body loses both fluid and salts through body sweat on the skin and through breathing. Processes that ensure that you get the cooling you need to keep your body temperature stable. Failure to replenish the loss of body fluid in a timely manner and in the correct quantities can lead to dehydration (due to drinking too little) and hyponatremia (a shortage of salts due to drinking too much). This can affect your performance, your psychological and your physical state. Replenishing fluids and salts to optimal levels is highly individual and depends on environmental conditions (weather), type and intensity of physical activity (speed) and personal factors such as level of fitness, body weight and the clothing you wear.

Athletes have their own responsibility in this. Drinking the right amounts is a combination of knowing your physical needs and the way you drink while walking.

Good preparation is very important to participate responsibly in the NN Marathon Rotterdam. In addition, it is important that you listen carefully to your body during and after your running performance. Read all the advice on this page that will help you to enjoy the NN Marathon Rotterdam well prepared.