The Rotterdam Marathon Study Group

Health is of paramount importance to Golazo. The Rotterdam Marathon Study Group (RMSG), a unique collection of healthcare professionals, plays a progressive role in this context. The collective, which has been setting up a medical network around events for decades, is a leader in the Netherlands in the field of care around running events and research. The RMSG also plays an important role in providing information in the run-up to an event by developing a number of preventive activities, such as the Referee Evening and, in 2023, the first Rotterdam Marathon Sports Medical Congress.

What do we do?

The versatile medical group conducts and promotes independent scientific research around Golazo events, issues advice on the use of acute (para)medical and first aid care and takes on executive tasks. The group aims to standardize chain care at events. One of the main principles is to increase scientific knowledge about running among athletes, organizers, (para)medics, and other stakeholders. The aim is to provide the athlete with optimal advice before, during, and after a sporting event. Besides, the RMSG wants to (continue to) provide adequate event care.

For decades, at the various Golazo Sports events, there has been an expert medical team that provides care for the runners. This medical committee consisted of a group of volunteer healthcare professionals. In recent years, the care of the runners has become increasingly professionalized and the need for treatment protocols for the care of these runners became apparent. The years of experience and the scientific knowledge surrounding acute care have been bundled into two treatment protocols regarding medical and physiotherapeutic acute care during running events. The aim of this is to strive for a line in the reception and treatment of the runners so that all runners in the different posts at the different events receive the same treatment for the same problems.

Meanwhile, the medical committee has become a pioneer in preparing and implementing medical care at various running events and with that, the group also took on a more advisory role. To secure and increase quality and knowledge, the need also arose to conduct and facilitate scientific research. In 2019, therefore, the more comprehensive name, Rotterdam Marathon Study Group, emerged. A new name that better encompasses all the new competencies and activities of the group.

Erasmus MC and TU Delft are renowned partners. The RMSG is led by crisis coordinator Steven Hofdom and also includes medical specialists, emergency doctors, internist-acute medicine, general practitioner and ambulance nurses, and physiotherapists. In cooperation with chain partners such as the GHOR (Regional Medical Emergency Organization), the Red Cross, hospitals, and the OVD-Gs (Medical Officer on Duty), the RMSG ensures the proper organization of the reception and removal of stragglers to create an efficient and effective medical assistance chain.

What are the tasks?

The tasks of the authoritative Rotterdam Marathon Study Group include four elements:

1. Executive (organization of current medical care at NN Marathon Rotterdam, NN CPC Loop Den Haag, DSW Bruggenloop Rotterdam)
2. Advising (athletes, medics, organizations, federations)
3. Scientific research and education (stimulating, facilitating, executing, supervising, and evaluating scientific research concerning running events and transfer of knowledge to event care providers;
4. Cooperation (various emergency services, Field norm Event Care, Erasmus MC, and TU Delft).

Who are the members?

  1. Dhr. S. Hofdom, Crisiscoördinator, SH Enterprise (Voorzitter)
  2. Mw. K. Pannekoek, Klinisch gezondheidswetenschapper, Fysiotherapie Oosterflank (Vice Voorzitter)
  3. Mw. A.W. Bultstra, ambulance verpleegkundige /verpleegkundig MKA centralist i.o., Rotterdam Rijnmond (Secretaris)
  4. Dr. A.E. Hoek, SEH-arts, Erasmus MC (Medisch adviseur)
  5. Dr. N. Dollee, SEH arts i.o. (Medisch adviseur)
  6. Dr. J. Alsma, Internist acute geneeskunde, Erasmus MC (Medisch adviseur)
  7. Mw. S. Hofdom, IC-verpleegkundige (coördinator medische materialen)
  8. Dhr. E. de Ronde, Ambulance verpleegkundige, RAV Midden-West-Noord Brabant (Coördinator Medische Materialen)
  9. Dhr. E. Huisman, Manueel therapeut, Fysiotherapie Oosterflank (Coördinator Paramedisch)

Registration of paramedical staff

For decades, there has been an expert medical team at the various Golazo events to care for the runners. More information follows below.

If you would like to contribute to the medical team, please register using the form below.

The medical committee consists of 10 members who voluntarily provide their expertise to three Golazo Sports running events:

  • March: Registration closed – NN CPC Loop Den Haag (Halve marathon, 10km, 5km, 2.5km, 1km)
    • Available all day, incl. diner
  • April: Registration closed– NN Rotterdam Marathon (Marathon, 10km, 4.2km, 2.5km, 1km)
    • Saturday City Run and Kids Run, afternoon only
    • Sunday Marathon, all day including dinner
  • December: DSW Bruggenloop Rotterdam (15km)
    • Only the afternoon, including drinks

As a committee, we comply and adhere to the applicable Field Standards.

Based on the number of participants, distances and weather forecast, a medical network is set up with sufficient doctors, specialized nurses, physiotherapists, sports masseurs, Red Cross event workers.

We are looking for various positions and tasks for the medical team:

  • Administration; (e.g. interns, nurse in training) ensures full status monitoring (together with doctor and nurse) and performs supporting tasks, such as helping with cooling.
  • Specialized nurse (ambulance, ER or ICU nurse); provides acute care for runners with complaints of, among other things, exhaustion and heat stroke in accordance with the endurance sports guideline in collaboration with doctors.
  • A(N)IOS: provides acute care for runners with complaints of, among other things, exhaustion and heat stroke in accordance with the endurance sports guideline in collaboration with the nurse.
  • Medical Specialist (Internist, ER doctor, Anesthesiologist, sports doctor, general practitioner): provides acute care for runners with complaints of, among other things, exhaustion and heat stroke in accordance with the endurance sports guideline in collaboration with the nurse. If necessary, provides supervision to the A(N)IOS.
  • Physiotherapist; provides the initial physiotherapeutic treatment of injuries and cramps.

If you have the ambition to provide your expertise during one of these events, please register, just like the medical committee, this will be on a voluntary basis.

We offer you a gift and then have dinner with the entire team afterwards at the NN CPC Loop and NN Marathon Rotterdam.

Naturally, there is full liability insurance for all members of the medical team.

After your registration you will receive a confirmation of receipt. About 2 months before the event, we will let you know definitively whether you have been assigned to the medical team and we count on your arrival.

About 1-2 weeks before the event you will receive an extensive email with detailed information. This email will consist of:

  • Final invitation
  • Medical team manual
  • Physiotherapy Manual
  • Administration manual
  • Medical team layout

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

On behalf of the RMSG,

Medische Commissie (
The Rotterdam Marathon Study Group (

Steven Hofdom
Amber Hoek